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This page provides answers to our most commonly asked questions about our Dangerous Goods Training CD-ROM.

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  1. Question: Is your program FAA or IATA Approved?
    Answer: Neither the FAA nor IATA review or evaluate computer based training programs. The FAA (and US DOT) will not evaluate any type of training program for shippers, forwarders or truckers in advance.
  2. Question: So, will this program meet my legal training requirements to the FAA and the US DOT?
    Answer: Yes, it can. This CD training program is not any different than any other training program in that you, as the hazmat employer are responsible for the correct training. (Citation: 49 CFR Part 172.702). This program has been used every year for five years now to train hundreds of people. This program has been used to meet training requirements imposed by the FAA as a result of penalty actions against shippers, and the certificate we issue along with the training records have been accepted by them.
  3. Question: What about CNS – if I’m an IATA/CNS cargo agent, can I use this program?
    Answer: The Cargo Agency Agreements that we have seen state that an endorsed agent must get “appropriate” training and be in compliance with the FAA regulations.  This training program can be used to meet your FAA training requirements, and therefore could be considered appropriate training.
    However, we are NOT stating that this program is CNS approved either – neither Cargo Network Services, nor IATA have an endorsement scheme for computer based training at the present time.
    If you are a shipper and not a forwarder you can disregard this whole issue as your sole responsibility is to the FAA and the US DOT.
  4. Question: How many people can I train at the same time?
    Answer: Only one user may be logged on at a time. IF you need to train many people at the exact same time you should buy additional copies of the CD. If you buy more than 3 copies from us we will provide a discount to you.
    Question: So, will this training program teach me to ship any type of hazardous material?
    Answer: This program will teach you to use the IATA regulations so that you may be knowledgeable and competent in determining a shipments' acceptability for transport. We recommend to clients that if they are shipping Class 7 Radioactive Materials and Class 1 Explosives that they seek additional training. We can provide that training in the form of customized in-house seminars.
  5. Question: Do I need to have a copy of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to use with the CD?
    Answer: Absolutely, you must have a current copy of the IATA DGR to use with the program, you should also have a highlighter so that you can highlight important sections as you go through the regulations.
  6. Question: Is this training better than attending a classroom seminar?
    Answer: It is different and has certain advantages over classroom training, and in some cases classroom training may hold an advantage -- it's a matter of preference and an individuals learning style. Obviously, in a classroom you can raise your hand and ask the teacher a question! (We do provide free hazmat training support by calling 1-800-949-4834).
  7. Question: How much does the program cost?
    Answer: The 2013 CD program is $995 dollars plus $25.00 per certificate.
  8. Question: What are the advantages of Computer Based Training (CBT)?
    Answer: Here are several advantages that we have found:
    1. Study at your own pace. The program is divided up into logical units, and there is no limit to the amount of time a student can spend studying the material as thoroughly as they need. There's no rush, no deadlines. When the student has had enough for the day, they log off and the program keeps track of their progress and will allow them to take the final exam once they have completed all of the modules.
    2. Move forward or backwards in the program as you need. If you didn't quite understand something, just click the "back" arrow and review it again.
    3. Learning by sight and sound. Your not just looking at a book -- you're viewing the graphics and hearing the audio -- it's moving, interactive and most of all it engages your senses. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... there are no pictures in the hazmat regulations, but our CD is full of exciting graphics.
    4. Cost. This is simple. Add up the cost of sending people to a seminar in a hotel. Figure in things like airfare, accommodations, lost time from work, overtime costs (perhaps) for other employees to fill in, meals, etc, etc and then compare it to our cost for this CD. Training several people results in a huge savings.
    5. Logistics: There simply may not be any quality public seminars in your area. You can take this training program on your computer, anywhere!
    6. Control: Many companies with nationwide operations want to ensure that everyone in their company is getting the same, quality training. This is often impossible to do when you are sending people from different cities to various training companies. Since the DOT does not approve classroom training, you really have no way of knowing if the seminar in Boston is going to be the same as the seminar in Seattle. Even if you only use IATA endorsed training schools (such as ours) you will find variability in the training amongst IATA schools.
    7. Record keeping: Using the administrator module you can print out a copy of the test any time you like. The DOT requires you to keep training records for all of your employees training -- and this is more than just the certificate. You have to be able to produce the training materials that were used to training the employee. Most companies fall short in doing this -- they don't keep a copy of the manual, they don't even have the exams most of the time, all they have is a certificate, which looks nice on the wall, but doesn't completely meet your legal record keeping requirements from the DOT.
    8. Call us for more information at (800) 949-4834.
    9. You can also call the US DOT at 1-800-HMR-4922 and ask them about computer based hazmat training.

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