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View a screen shot from of the types of reference you will use in preparing DG's for transport
Another screenshot shows they various types of chemicals regulated and classified as dangerous goods by the DOT and FAA
This screenshot show yet another screen from our program.
View an ONLINE DEMO of the program (6-minutes). Please note the file is 16mB in size and requires shockwave/flash player. DSL or cable modem connection is recomended.

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Dangerous Goods Training


Price: $995.00 USD

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2013 IATA
Dangerous Goods (Hazmat) Training

An interactive CD-ROM based training program is now available from Transportation Development Group. It can be used for INITIAL or RECURRENT training.
Covers current edition edition of the IATA Regulations

Hazmat train using interactive CD-ROM program:
* Training program support by IATA-Certified trainer
* Dangerous Goods training for personnel using DGR
* There is no limit on number of users of the CD-ROM
Everyone in your company needing DGR training can use the CD-ROM

To order a FREE demo CD of the training program click HERE

* Modularity allows flexible scheduling of training sessions
* The program can be used for initial or recurrent training
* Quizzes are used throughout the program. Final test is given on screen
* Final test scores can be used for your company's Hazmat Training Certification
* Final test & scores can be printed and signed as documentary proof of training
* Certificates of Completion are available
* A 2013 DGR Manual needed to use with CD-ROM


-Cost: $995 to train an unlimited number of employees
-Free technical support for hazmat questions from TDG
-Can be completed in 2-3 days
-112 question final exam -- results are emailed or faxed to TDG and we will issue a joint
certificate with your company
-Will meet DOT training requirements for Function specific and General Awareness training

System Requirements:
Windows based multimedia capable computer (with sound and graphics) and Microsoft Internet Explorer
A current copy of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (available separately) Windows 98 or better

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FAA Proposes $53,550 Penalty Against Avery Dennison Corp. for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $59,500 Penalty Against Namco for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $70,000 Penalty Against Suitt Construction for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $75,000 Penalty Against Stevens Aviation for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $84,000 Penalty Against Arpac Automotive Products for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $84,000 Penalty Against Ashland Changzhou and Ashland Specialty Chemical for Hazmat Violations

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