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We Make It Easy to Get In Compliance with DOT and FAA Federal Hazmat (Dangerous Goods) Regulations.


Here are Seven reasons why you'll want to use our CD-ROM

#1 No hassles.
Train, test and certify by viewing our interactive CD ROM at your own company.

Think about it:

No travel costs. No long classroom lectures to sit through. No extended time away from work. No pressure to learn at someone else's pace.

#2 User-Friendly.
You won't get lost in our training or waste your time. Our CD-ROM guides & helps you decide which - of the function-specific training sections - to watch.
* You'll be pleased to know that using the training requires no prior computer skills. Just use the computer mouse to "click-to-learn," or use the page up/page down key.
* You won't stumble over technical jargon. There isn't any.
* For review purposes, you can, of course, repeat any screen page any number of times.
* Our CD-ROM is compatible with most computer operating systems.

#3 Assistance.
Friendly and on-going. We'll answer all your questions. Call us: 800.468.1263 We're not just another impersonal 800 number.
* You won't have to keep track of your future re-training requirements. We automatically notify you when re-training is due, and it's a complimentary service.

#4 Meets the Regs.
Our computer-based training satisfies all applicable HAZMAT federal and state training requirements for ground, air and water modes of transportation, each is available as a separate CD-ROM.
* The training covers General HAZMAT, General Awareness, Safety Awareness, and function-specific information.
* Upon completion of training and testing, you'll be able to print your own copy of the Certificate of Training. Included are easy-to-follow modules - with text, color, graphics, animation, sound, decision-making charts, exercises and mini quizzes - all designed to make your HAZMAT training to-the-point and useful.

#5 Flexible.
You control the training……how-when---where.
* You can watch the CD-RM in one sitting, or you can spread it out.
* In minutes, you can customize the program by "hiding" slides that don't apply.
* The training is available in English and Spanish (IATA and IMDG in Spanish, pending).
* You can view the CD ROM just as easily on your home PC as you can at work.

#6 Multiple Uses.
Our training program is a multi-function re-usable device. If you're in charge of training, you won't use this CD-ROM once and toss it in a drawer. Over time you'll use it to:
* Train and re-train multiple employees.
* Provide follow-up training to classroom sessions.
* Prepare transparencies, handouts, booklets and company manuals when group training is best.

#7 Cost Savings.
Our CD-ROM computer-based training will save money for your company.
* Employers know that worker turnover can make HAZMAT training expensive. Now you'll cut costs since new hires can be trained at no additional expense.
* Do you have more than one business site? Do you need more than one CD-ROM? Be sure to ask about our price reduction plan, applicable to volume sales.
* As an employer, you'll no longer have to be bothered with expensive "train the trainer" programs. " Our CD-ROM does the training all by itself. THIS PROGRAM COMES WITH A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.
We know you'll want to see for yourself what stress-free training is like. Just go to's online training Demo which will guide you through a few minutes of actual training.

For information about's CD-ROM Training Program contact our Training Dept. email:
Ask us about our CD-ROM Update Program.

Also ask about our other training options. By choosing us, you will have made your best business decision this week!  


FAA Proposes $53,550 Penalty Against Avery Dennison Corp. for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $59,500 Penalty Against Namco for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $70,000 Penalty Against Suitt Construction for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $75,000 Penalty Against Stevens Aviation for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $84,000 Penalty Against Arpac Automotive Products for Hazmat Violations

FAA Proposes $84,000 Penalty Against Ashland Changzhou and Ashland Specialty Chemical for Hazmat Violations

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